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There’s nothing like face-to-face.

Each Crash Event is designed to spark new ways of thinking, build lasting relationships, and send attendees home hungry to get things done. The current list of events we are a part of are listed on our events page.

National & Regional Meetups

National & Regional Meetups are typically planned alongside an existing conference.

A big piece of these meetups is the ‘Crash’ session, in which industry mentors who lead our groups in open conversations around topics such as leadership, social responsibility, innovation, and more.

Past mentors have included NCUF Director Gigi Hyland, Filene Research CEO Mark Meyer, former World Council of Credit Unions CEO Pete Crear, and many more.

Check out our Crash the GAC site to get a glimpse of what this looks like.

Local Meetups

Local are a more informal gathering designed around networking and education. Morning meetups still provide a directed conversation from a facilitator, while evening meetups are purely social and meant to engage with others around you.

Of course it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of our local meetups are a complete grassroots efforts, with community members organizing them on their own town.  Don’t be intimidated though, we are here to help – send us an email on how you can get started in organizing your own meetup!

Interested in attending or organizing a meetup?  Check our calendar, events page, or send us an email!

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