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What We Do


Do it. Do it.

The purpose of The Cooperative Trust is simple: educate and grow young talent in credit unions and cooperatives through development opportunities, mentorships, and peer idea-sharing.

This, as they say, is how we do it.

The Network – This is where the members of The Cooperative Trust community come together to share ideas and educate one another on credit union strategies and concerns. Share your stories, case studies, successes and ideas in this collaborative workshop.

Meetups and Events  – Some of the best things that have happened in The Cooperative Trust have come out of live meetings where members interact. See what events are coming up here and how you can join, or even host.

Mentorships  – Everyone needs a little guidance. That’s why we’re teaming industry vets with our up-and-commers to create industry-focused kismet.

Collider  – Think it. Develop it. Build it. The Collider is an innovation contest for members of The Cooperative Trust design to help solve to real-world problems while building an innovation competency among community members.

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