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Strategic Partners

Made possible by:



The Cooperative Trust would like to acknowledge Credit Union National Association (CUNA) as our principal supporter. CUNA provides monetary support to allow the Cooperative Trust to develop, as well as partnering on our flagship event, Crash the GAC.

About Credit Union National Association: Credit Union National Association, based in Washington, D.C., and Madison, Wisconsin, is the premier national trade association serving America’s credit unions. Check out the great work CUNA is doing by visiting:

Supported by:

CUNA Mutual Group continues to support the future of credit unions through The Cooperative Trust’s activities. They have been a strong supporter and partner of The Cooperative Trust since the beginning – involved not just from a financial perspective but with their people, ideas and leadership. Through partnering with The Cooperative Trust, CUNA Mutual Group aids the Credit Union Leagues and Associations of North America in developing their young professional initiatives.

About CUNA Mutual Group: CUNA Mutual Group’s insurance, retirement and investment products provide financial security and protection to credit unions and their members worldwide. With more than 75 years of true market commitment, CUNA Mutual’s vision is unwavering: To be a trusted business partner who delivers service excellence through customer-focused products and market-driven insight. Check out the great work CUNA Mutual Group is doing by visiting:

Brought to you by:

The Cooperative Trust was founded by Filene Research Institute in 2010. Filene continue to provide expertise and resources to The Cooperative Trust to help further develop the future of credit unions.

About Filene: Filene Research Institute is an independent, consumer finance think and do tank dedicated to scientific and thoughtful analysis about issues affecting the future of credit unions, retail banking and cooperative finance. Filene is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Nearly 1,000 members make the Institute’s research, innovation and impact programs possible. Check out the great work Filene is doing by visiting:

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