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Upcoming Crash Events

Current Crash Opportunities


BUT… What is a Crash Event? 

Crash events are not for the faint of heart! They are non-stop, packed out, credit union events for young professionals! They come with a work hard / play hard schedule and are here to help you develop as a future credit union executive!

Everything we do is made possible thanks to:

Crash events are specific for young credit union professionals which are planned alongside an existing credit union conference.

A big part of these meetups are our ‘Crash’ sessions, in which industry mentors who lead our groups in open conversations around topics such as leadership, social responsibility, innovation, and more. Past guests have included current and former CUNA CEO’s; Jim Nussle and Bill Cheney, NCUF Executive Director; Gigi Hyland, Filene CEO; Mark Meyer and many more!

Some events also offer workshops which help develop skills of our young professionals; from innovation to business model generation – there is something for everyone.

Crash events, are non stop and jam packed days – but you’ll never regret it! Don’t believe us? Check out blog posts from 2015 GAC Crashers Brian Rich and Grant Gallagher.


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