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Think it. Develop it. Build It. Win it.

The Collider is an open innovation tournament designed for The Cooperative Trust.

From the pitch, to concept document, to the prototype…the tournament results in one winner.  The winning idea, and the braintrust behind it, present their idea at Filene’s Big.Bright.Minds Conference and are assigned a dedicated implementation team to bring their idea to life.

Judges – each a thought leader in financial innovation – provide feedback and recommendations on every submission (think American Idol, but with less “yeah dawg”) AND vote on which submissions proceed to the next round. The feedback means that this tournament is not only about the progression of winners from round to round, but the evolution of ideas as they mature.

Collider, the first

Last year’s contest, focused around the problem of affordable housing, was won by Servus Credit Unions’ Bobby Christiansen for his Honeycomb matched-downpayment-savings project. Here’s a quick look:

Collider, the second

We’re planning the next Collider right now. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when the contest goes live.

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