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Idaho Crash…it’s happening!


For the first time in the history of the universe, the Idaho Credit Union League Annual Meeting is getting Crashed. Thanks to the generous support of CUNA Mutual Group, 23 young professionals will rally at The Riverside Hotel in Boise to take part in the annual meeting, as well as a few tailored individual sessions. Crashers will get a chance to meet with industry leaders, develop new ideas and pathways to career development, and return to their credit unions filled with new ideas and the energy to make ‘em happen.

With all of that said…behold! Here is our amazing group of Idaho Crashers:


Josh Harris, Beehive Federal Credit Union, Branch Manager


Chad Smith, Lewis Clark Credit Union, Loan Manager


Kevin Birch, Icon Credit Union, Teller Supervisor

Paul Lucariello, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Regional Manager


Jimmy Schipani, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Branch Manager


Paul Cushing, CapEd Credit Union, Web Designer


Nick McGhee, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Regional Manager


J Wade Dial, Icon Credit Union, Solution Center Lead


BJ Fillingame, ISU Federal Credit Union, Marketing Manager


Lyndsey Brown, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Branch Manager


Vanessa Broemeling, Potlatch No.1 Federal Credit Union, Marketing Specialist 


Suzanne Hurtado, Clarity Credit Union, Lead Teller


Kris Moses, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Branch Manager


Amanda Nixon, Lewis Clark Credit Union, HR/Compliance Coordinator


Emily Cook, Icon Credit Union, Operations Specialist (Trainer)


Kristina Howard, Icon Credit Union, Teller Supervisor


Courtnie Hovley, Clarity Credit Union, Branch Supervisor


Kaitlin Shiflet, Idaho Central Credit Union, MSS Supervisor


Kayla Johnson, Icon Credit Union, Operations Clerk


Valeria DeLeon, CapEd Credit Union, Card Coordinator


Cory Omanson, ISU Federal Credit Union, Chief Financial Officer


Jake Denning, Beehive Federal Credit Union, LPL Financial Advisor 


Dan Thurman, East Idaho Credit Union, VP Operations


See you all in Boise!


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Hiring a communication/pr manager for the CU League of CT

And it just took me 15 minutes to figure out how to create a blog post and I’m still not sure it will show up in the right place, so you can see how critical this function could be…

The Credit Union League of Connecticut is seeking a Communication and Public Relations professional to promote the value of association membership and ensure Connecticut consumers choose credit unions as their best financial partner.

Our new team member will plan, coordinate, develop, and implement the overall League communication program, managing internal communication to member credit unions and external communication to targeted audiences such as local and national press, lawmakers and policy makers, and general public.

You should have a four-year degree in communication, public relations, marketing or a related field; a passion for story-telling; an understanding of established and emerging public and media relations practices; a sense of humor; and a sense of fulfillment from helping others.

To apply, please send a resume, salary expectations, and a cover letter that shows why you are a perfect fit for this position to

The Credit Union League of Connecticut, located in Meriden, CT, is the trade association representing approximately 100 not-for-profit financial cooperatives.


Finovate Europe, Day 5 (minus 4)

Don’t know about Finovate? Never heard of it? For shame!

This is an awesome place where some of the coolest people come together to talk all about their brand new ideas and technologies for financial services. The awesome format of this event keeps it fresh and interesting all the way through with each presenter only getting a 7 minute slot before a rather loud gong ushers them from the stage. I have a feeling that I should have a gong for other things in life to indicate their time is up… Anyway, I digress….

Here are my top 3 favourites from today, expect more tomorrow:

“Too many graphs!”

Yseop is a clever little piece of software, so clever I’m convinced that there must be a wizard hiding in it somewhere. Alas, I have been assured there isn’t. So, what is it? Yseop is a piece of software which will analyse your data and essentially write your exec summary / monthly report for you in a quick and digestible fashion. Ever had your boss tell you that you have too many graphs?! Well, a thing of a past with Yseop. The ability of this software to simplify and deliver information in bite-sized chunks means that you can provide information and data to your organisation that everyone can understand as well as ensure that your busy ‘on the go CEO’ can still digest everything you want to tell them. More than this, Yseop also allows tellers to run similar reports on members, meaning that your teller (at the click of a button) can have a complete summary of the member in front of them without trawling through data. Now, that’s cool. Right?

“Another budgeting and money management app, joy.”

Joy indeed! Toshl finance provide us with nothing completely revolutionary, however, what they do provide us with is entertainment and engagement. This cool little app from the genuinely hilarious people at Toshl makes budgeting and expense tracking slick, easy and actually – fun. And isn’t that what we need? Some fun in our financial lives? So why is this important for you? Well – imagine credit union members who enjoy managing their money! Members who did this on the go. Members who cared. Would this lead to higher engaged members, members who were better ‘up’ on their money, members who were more in control… And ultimately, lower risk members? Who knows. But pretty groovy nonetheless, check it out!

“Cloudy, cloudy, cloud, cloud.”

Cloud core banking system from Five Degrees. I like clouds. I don’t like rain. But clouds are fun. This one especially. Demonstrating their ‘Matrix’ platform, Five Degrees brought with them a clean, crisp and ultimately user friendly core processing system. This 360 system shows both the member and credit union (or ‘b’ word) the same information, the same view. That’s fun, right? Both member and financial institution on the same page. But this is not what was most impressive… The ability to seamlessly change, edit, adjust the front end, the member experience with simple click or plug and play options in the administration system demonstrated the ease in which every organisation should be able to manage their core processing systems. Bravo Five Degrees, bravo.

So, that was great. Thanks for joining in! Want some more? You mean, that wasn’t enough? Ok then, click here for Ben Rogers’ favourites from today.


Concern for Community: September/October Resolution Recap

Back in September, you’ll remember that our resolution for the month was:

Do something meaningful for a non-profit organization. Volunteers are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations. If everyone volunteers a few hours a week, think how much non-profits can accomplish.

Over the month, our activities started to morph to not just non-profit organizations, but really thinking about how we all can contribute to building better communities.

Aimee Johnson summed this month up best when she said:

Our Credit Unions are such a huge part of the community…and to volunteer, and be immersed in the community is big.  Our members see us (or employees) and know that we are buying into our area we live in.  

As some of you know, the Servus Young Leaders Network held our own “March Madness” tournament called the Cooperative Cup where our young leaders voted to determine our favorite cooperative principle.  To no one’s surprise, CONCERN FOR COMMUNITY was the winner.

Over the month, we’ve heard stories of credit union employees volunteering to providing food for people in need, supporting local business through “Cash Mobs”, providing Movies in the Park for families within our communities.  Ultimately, it all adds up to one thing, and that is People Helping People.

That is what Credit Unions are all about.


lICUL 82 Annual Convention

It’s only the registration day and I already have so much info it is going to take 2 weeks to read through all of it.


Crash Michigan 2012: T-Shirt Design Challenge

Crash Michigan is now underway!  But we need your help:

  • Problem: Our attendees will not be selected in time to suggest ideas for the t-shirt design/theme.
  • Solution: Y’all are a bunch of smart and creative individuals. Will you help us make some magic?

Short deadline here – we have until this coming Monday, April 16 at Noon EST.

Please post any and all ideas in the comments section below! (I don’t have any gift card prizes to offer but there’s endless admiration and “atta girl/atta boys” to go around. Deal?)

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