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3NTRUST ties together members of the Trust with past, present, and future i3 members. Pieces (and people) borrowed from Filene’s i3 program help build the 3NTRUST program into a collaborative environment for innovation.

The work of 3NTRUST is split into two parts:

  • Insights Collection: identifying and collecting data from within the credit union market, and
  • Idea Bin: learning elements of the Filene Method to breathe new life into seasoned i3 ideas

Insights Collection

The goal for insight collection is to identify a problem to solve through the collection of data points. A mentor will present a problem or topic for Trust members to gather insights. The best way to start is gaining inspiration through existing research, which could be through member interviews, Filene reports or other accredited sources.  This portion of 3NTRUST is for those with access to the front-line and interested in problem solving and data collection.  After a three month window of collecting insights, Trust members will learn how to gather data into themes and boost multiple projects within i3.

Idea Bin

The goal for the idea bin portion of 3NTRUST is to revamp former i3 ideas, while learning the Filene Method. Self-selected and managed teams will work with a mentor through the innovation process (along with several helpful worksheets) over a four month period. This portion of 3NTRUST is geared towards Trust members who can consistently commit time within a group project and interested being involved beyond insight collection.

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