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Crash the GAC·News Release

What’s new in 2018?

Hi everyone,

Happy 2018! As the new year has gotten off to a super start, we’ve been taking time to think about how the Cooperative Trust and Crash programs should evolve and grow to ensure we are making the most impact possible for young professionals and the credit union system. You’ll see lots of changes starting in the next few months: a new Cooperative Trust website, a new logo, a mentorship program, and Crashes galore.

We’ve also challenged ourselves to take Crash the GAC to the next level this year, which brings me to today’s exciting news…

Join me in welcoming *78* Crashers to Crash the GAC 2018 this year!

Competition was fierce, and huge congratulations are in order for this year’s Crashers! Several credit unions took even more action on behalf of young people in the credit union space by donating extra Crasher spots so that we could continue to grow the group, including Bethpage FCU, BECU, Coastal CU, and SchoolsFirst FCU.

Huge thank you to all the yo-pros who applied, to the generous and forward-thinking credit unions who donated spots or paid for their Crashers’ registration fees to allow us to make the group even bigger, and of course, many thanks to Credit Union National Association for making the Cooperative Trust and Crash the GAC possible!

Join us for your own Crash this year: check all the opportunities out at!



PS: The full press release is available here!

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