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Follow A Crasher

Follow A Crasher, Week 3: Channeling Credit Union Passion

Hi everyone!! I’m beyond excited to embark on my first blog experience with you all! I appreciate everyone’s support in this cool ‘Follow a Crasher’ series put on by The Cooperative Trust! When I’m not attempting to write a blog, I spend a good portion of my time at Heritage Family CU as the Senior Vice President of Retail in the gorgeous state of Vermont. I have a little family at home that keeps me grounded and relaxed. I serve as a Board of Director to an organization that offers services to underserved children and young parents, and I am so incredibly proud to be the Founder and Chair of the Credit Union Young Professionals of Vermont.

I want to share the first time I truly discovered my job had turned into a career.I, like most credit union young pro’s, fell in love with my credit union long before I really understood the impact of this movement.

My passion for helping members and finding ways to empower staff began almost the second I walked through the door… yes, as a teller.

Credit unions are where I have spent the bulk of my employment (at the ripe young age of 36), and while I’m not sure where my career path will take me, the one constant will be that I will remain in credit unions.

In thinking about some of the moments that have contributed to my affinity for credit unions, I recall the times that I was given a platform to share my ideas and knowledge. I often looked for opportunities to get in front of a crowd (even though public speaking petrifies me) to talk about credit unions and share ways that young pro’s can get involved. In fact, a challenge I faced early on was wanting to do TOO much. Hearing “not right now” was sometimes difficult feedback to manage.

It was in those moments that I realized it was up to me to channel my energy and passion in a meaningful way for my credit union and my community.

I also became enamored with networking and engaging with credit union people. This was the best outlet and truthfully one of the most profound ways for me to develop my skills, gain confidence, and develop a community for information sharing. Without contest, I am most grateful for the people I have met in this movement. They fuel my fire and encourage me to blossom.

Ok, so how does all this relate to Crashing? For some, Crashing is where it all begins! For me as an SVP, Crashing showcased everything I love about credit unions in a two-day invitation-only conference.

Crashing Filene’s big. bright. minds conference allowed me to be in a room that I wouldn’t normally have been in and meet individuals that I wouldn’t normally have had the chance to meet. It also showcased credit union knowledge in a proactive way that I hadn’t ever seen.

Needless to say, it was a major highlight of my ever growing career!

Editor’s note: Crash big. bright. minds. 2018 applications are now open through 10/20! Apply now and experience the Crash “magic” Sara wrote about!

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