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Hand Stand Moments

Have you ever sat down and wondered if your current position is one you want to be in? As young professionals we have the ability to make a decision on what we want to do in our lives/careers. We obviously know that we want to be at a credit union, but, are what we currently doing fulfilling and fun?

Take a few minutes to really think about what you’re passionate about. When did that passion start? Why do you feel that way? When you are put in a position that you are passionate about it’s really not considered “Work” anymore. But instead fulfilling your passion. Ask yourself questions… why do you come to work? What do you like about your current role? Do you see yourself doing something else? Where do you see yourself in the organization in two years, five years, ten years? Do you align with the culture of the credit union? What do you like to do? What are your skills/talents? Then from there look at options and start talking. I heard a quote recently saying “The sooner you start a conversation, the more options you have.” Talk to your management team and find out what else you can do and how you can become more involved in something you’re good ant and passionate about. This only aids to the success of the credit union.

Sometimes this can be a scary moment because you’re unsure of what could happen and would you really be successful in a different role? I say why not? I recently had the chance to listen to someone speak about doing things they thought they couldn’t. This woman had one arm and was doing yoga one day. Everyone in the class was doing hand stands. She knew she was at a disadvantage at first but then took the “leap” and started working towards the goal. She later was able to do this with only one hand. She calls these experiences in her life now “Hand Stand” moments. How are you going to accomplish something you previously thought you couldn’t? Take the steps and work towards making it happen.

Our industry has so many opportunities for young professionals. It’s up to us to decide which role is the right one and to genuinely love what we do every day. Start those conversations today to see how you can start working towards what you ultimately want to do.

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