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The News! The News!

A note from Brent - 

Several years ago I was able to join a small group of young, hungry credit union professionals who cared enough about the future of consumer finance to hole up in a questionable Washington DC youth hostel and insert themselves into the industry’s most important conversations.

A couple of years after that, and the small group had grown into a community of hundreds of young people from all over North America – organizing events, supporting each other, and building new tools to help credit unions mix compassion and function to help people live life well.

And so here we are, having written the prologue of our hope for the future. But the real work, the hard work, is ahead.

And so with that hope and excitement for the future of what credit unions can do for our communities all over the world, I’m excited to tell you about the newest chapter for The Cooperative Trust.

(And I’ve been wiggling in anticipation like a little kid waiting to tell you this for the last couple of months.)

Starting today, James Marshall is taking the reigns as leader of The Cooperative Trust.

If you’ve never met James (I hope you get to), here are a few bits on him:

  • He loves credit unions and the cooperative system with the old-school fire and sense of purpose that sent Filene and Desjardines planting seeds across North America.

  • His hands have been in the creative worlds of design, writing, and brand development. His heart is in the worlds of community and global development. His head is wrapped around how to bring in new talent, energy, and vision into the credit union system.

  • He can dance. And play drums. But I don’t think at the same time? But maybe.

  • He’s from London, and his James-Bondesque accent and modus operandi will make you love him immediately.

  • He has massive plans for the future of credit unions and the Cooperative Trust community.

What can you do? This:

If you’ve been in credit unions for a long time: reach out, meet him. Mentor him. He’ll need your wisdom.

If you’re young and ready to jump in: reach out, meet him. Befriend him. Tell him what you need to take credit unions and your career somewhere remarkable.

If you’re anybody anywhere: reach out, meet him. Welcome him! He’s diving head-first into this new role. Your support will help him succeed.

On a personal note, he’s become a close friend. As a friend and as a member of the Cooperative Trust: I am adrenalized for the future of this community and the youth of the credit union movement.




A note from James –

Hi everyone – We’re so sorry to have kept you waiting and teasing you with our countdown! But the moment is here, the big announcement, so gather round and listen in.

 I’d like to introduce myself, my name is James and I am going to be taking on the torch from Brent and be the new guy alongside Theresa to help make your cooperative dreams come true here at The Cooperative Trust.

 I think that now, it’s a good time for me to say thank you to Brent. Without his vision and commitment, The Cooperative Trust wouldn’t be where it is. So, Brent, thank you!

 Now, I already know what you’re thinking while you read this: “wow, this guy talks funny” – you’re right, I do! But how did you work that out from reading a blog post? You’re incredibly talented. Or Brent told you. Anyway, all the way from London in the UK, I am very excited to be involved at this stage with The Cooperative Trust! I’m really looking forward to next steps and where we can go in the future.

 Moving forward, Theresa and I will be developing The Cooperative Trust in four key areas:

The main focus for the coming years will be to reclaim the United States in the name of The Queen

I mean, sorry, the main focus will be to increase the profile of The Cooperative Trust and to ensure its sustainability.  I will be working really closely with Theresa and our friends at The Filene Research Institute to make sure this happens.

We will also be looking at developing our presence around the world and throughout the cooperative movement all in order to help credit unions engage with young adults and grow membership among this demographic.  We’ll be looking at creating and building products, crashing events, and writing publications that capture key findings of our group of talented dedicated future credit union leaders.

 Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I can’t wait to meet and work with every single one of you. Please reach out, please ask questions, please get involved.

 Here’s to the next steps!



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The News! The News!

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