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Next Top Credit Union Exec Voting

This year’s CUES’ Next Top Credit Union Exec competition has a few changes from last year.  In place of breaking down contestants by region, the folks at CUES have left nominations geographically open and up to the public.  Through June 15th, nominations were submitted for the top emerging leaders within the credit union industry.  Each of the nominees then had a little over a month to submit a video application on what they were working on at their credit union.

A total of 32 applicants are now vying for a spot in the top 15.  Deep down, we love our Crashers, so while each contestant has ambitious plans ahead, we have a special place in our hearts for these six:

Melina Young

Sasha Kemble

Laura Eblen

Corlinda Wooden

Nate Muniz

Don Emmer

Now comes the hardest part: voting on a winner.  Watch each video and take your pick. It is a serious competition, so they’ll each need all the votes they can get (before July 31st)!

We’d also like to thank CUES for putting on this contest and encouraging younger execs to be a part of something bigger! Way to go guys!!

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  1. Hi Teresa, I was watching the videos and noticed that Nate Muniz’s video is missing. When you click the video below his name it shows Corlinda’s. Can you share the link for Nate’s video?

  2. Thanks for catching that, Amanda! Updated with the right video now!

  3. Thanks for sharing these Theresa!!! :)

  4. How do you vote?

  5. Don – you bet!

    Nicole – on the homepage, (right hand side)

  6. Congrats to Corlinda, Melina & Nate who made it into the top 15 along with many other awesome peeps!

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