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Shake a leg

The June 29th issue of Credit Union Times featured an article which interviewed California and Nevada Credit Union League’s President & CEO, Diana Dykstra. A short quote within the piece sparked a few Crashers to share their thoughts:

‘California and Nevada will continue to see consolidations, not because of financial issues, but because finding new, strong leaders is a tough job for credit unions.’

The thoughts? Initially feeling slightly bummed, followed by a drive see this as an opportunity.  Whether it’s sharing the purpose of a YP Network, working even harder for chances at professional development or livening up what compensation for younger execs looks like; young or old, we’ve got (a lot of) work to do.

Rob Lefkowicz started it off by saying:

First thought was discouragement but maybe this should be an opportunity wake-up call.

Alexia Mavrakes agreed:

I think this is definitely an opportunity for us to educate the CA/NV League that “new, strong leaders” are out there and eager to step up to the plate and continue/improve their predecesors’ visions

Nate Muniz piped in with:

It’s not something that’s exclusive to western CUs, but is a problem that is system wide. Like the article says, you have people at the top levels who have been around for 30 years and have essentially “grown up” with the credit union. And what’s happened in that time is credit unions have not developed and prepared the next wave of leaders.

Amanda Thomas also shared:

Credit unions need to be more proactive about identifying successors and fostering relationships with those folks. Credit unions LIVE by playing it safe and waiting until the perfect time for everything (usually when things have already been done). But they need to be taking a chance on tomorrow’s leaders.

While walking around downtown Portland yesterday, I noticed all kinds of cool sayings engraved in the sidewalk. One in particular, caught my eye, and made me think of this past week’s conversation.

(Apologies for the dodgy photography.)

Don’t get me wrong…I think making waves (as a group) is important, but now I’m starting to ponder what we can each individually do to get things flowing.  Dykstra mentions (in reference to credit unions weathering through the rough patch) that it’s a ‘one-on-one effort’ and I can’t agree more.

From what you’ve seen, who’s doing the best job of this right now?

[Sparked in: Change and Ideas - CU Consolidation due to lack of new, strong leaders (login required)]

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