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Gen Y·Leadership

Curious and Curiouser

The Wall Street Journal had this to say about Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts -

She listens intently.  [She] has trained herself not to interrupt or seem rushed. Her eye contact never wavers, and while she insists she couldn’t function without her briefing folders, she never seems to need to look at them. [She] mixes folksy sincerity and laser focus [...] effortlessly. Unlike corporate chiefs who favor an inaccessible, imperial style, Ahrendts seems comfortable with dissent; her executives joke easily with her, and aren’t afraid to press their points.

When you’re young and hungry, listening comes easier. It’s natural. You want to fill in your gaps and grow.”We are sponges,” Crasher Mandy Kline once said to a roomful of execs.

But eventually “shut-up-and-listen” isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Eventually you’ll feel an itch to insert yourself, to share your expertise, to show what you know.

As young people at the beginning of our careers, we’re listening intently to learn. But we have to fight to retain that curiosity as we grow. We don’t just listen to learn, we listen to stay curious.

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